About Beaute


Standard Black Tri Female

  • AKC registered
  • 1 blue eye
  • 18 inches
  • 48 pounds
  • HC n/n  clear
  • PRA/PRCD  n/n  clear
  • DM  wt/m  carrier
  • CD  n/n  clear
  • MDR1  n/n  clear

Beaute came to us from Timberline Kennels this summer and this is her first litter here at Canyon Creek.  She is a beautiful black tri and we thought she would be a good fit with Willie for her first litter here.  She delivered a stunning, all red litter and we couldn’t be any happier. The copper points are intense and the patterns are beautiful.  Square blocky heads and just some good thick little pups.  We can’t wait to see how these pups start to grow and change and in the meantime, Beaute is doing her job being a good mother and even better little janitor, cleaning and licking as soon as it is needed and sometimes even before…lol.  These puppies always have lick marks on them.  Stay tuned for litter updates!