About Charlotte

Canyon Creek Signed By A Princess “Charlotte”

Standard Blue Merle Female

  • AKC registered
  • Two piercing blue eyes
  • 22 inches
  • 55 pounds
  • B Locus B/B 

Charlotte is a born and raised Canyon Creek girl.  Her momma is Dot and daddy is Wyatt. She is Canyon Creek through and through. She is a big sweetheart and we mean big!  She loves belly rubs and will hit the deck as soon as she thinks she might get one.  Charlotte is a very quiet girl and would prefer her favorite person, Angie, to just hang out with her all day.   She especially  loves to go on car rides and is up for any adventure, including camping.  As soon as the car door opens, Char is in and ready to go!  Get out of the way…the big girl takes some space!

She has 10 new babies sired by our boy Quick Draw.  Odds are we will see a lot of blue eyes!! Quick Draw is a blue eye producer and Char has some pretty intense blue eyes herself!  She is being the perfect mother and is milking obviously straight cream.  The little ones were born on Sunday, November 15, and are getting ready to make their internet debut!  Full collars, fancy blaze faces and just a super nice bunch of puppies.  But then what else would we expect, coming from the lines of Grandma Ringo….