About Envy


Standard Red Tri Female

  • AKC Registered
  • Two blue eyes
  • 19 Inches
  • 48 Pounds
  • HC n/n
  • DM n/n
  • PRCD n/n
  • MDR1 n/n

Envy is a consistent producer of beautiful pups with great temperaments.  We have an Envy daughter x Blue Power…Replay is her name.  She is a sweet girl and especially kind around little children.  We also are growing up a red tri female we call GOTCHA sired by Willie.  Envy has done a great job in the mothering department and always does her best.  She will be retiring soon…oh it’s hard to see these great mothers be finished, but all good things come to an end so in the near future we will be making plans for her retirement.