About Fonz

*International Champion 4 Season’s of Lulu’s Lil Hey The “Fonz”
  • Black tri male
  • Australian Shepherd
  • ASDR registered
  • 13  inches
  • 12 pounds
  • B LOCUS  B/b (red factored) 

Multi – Double Blue Eye Tri  producer

Fonzi bred miss Gidget last month @ a reproductive clinic.  We are so excited it all worked out we were able to AI her to this cute little fella

*pictures & description below used by permission from breeders website-

“Fonzie is a beautiful rare blue eyed tri toy with the longest soft flowing coat and perfect conformation and movement. He looks like a standard Aussies in a small package! His pedigree is loaded with International Champions and Blue Eyed Tri’s.

He has a fun playful personality and loves to steal everyone’s bones, it’s a game to him, he discards the bone and moves to the next dog.  He has a raspy voice when he barks which is so cute, and his best friend is Ritzie. They love to run, play and wrestle over bones. He is producing blue eyed tri-s in every litter. His pups are beautiful!”