About Jezzy


Standard Black Tri Female

  • AKC Registered
  • Two blue eyes
  • 19 Inches
  • 35 Pounds
  • HC n/n
  • PRCD n/n
  • MDR1 n/n
  • DM w/wt

Some things are worth waiting for, and we have been waiting (sometimes impatiently) for this girl to grow up and we love her quirky little personality.  She is a funny girl who is always playing some kind of game with you.  We are not sure what the game is most of the time but she is always up to something:)  Jezzy is a half sister to Ringo and Frankie, two of our wonderful girls.  Jezzy is a rock star!  We kept a black tri female out of this girl and Willie that we call Smarty Pants.  We believe her to be one of the best pups we have ever bred here.  She is a perfect example of what an aussie should be, both in build and temperament.   You will NEVER go wrong with a Jezzy baby.  Our plan is to breed her one more time and keep more females from this cross.