About Quick Draw


Standard Red Tri Male

  • AKC Registered
  • Two blue eyes
  • Full PERFECT collar
  • 20 inches
  • 42 pounds
  • HC n/n by parentage
  • PRCD n/n by parentage
  • MDR1 n/n by parentage
  • Born and bred right here at Canyon Creek. He is a son of Frankie and Gunner

Quick is a beautiful dark red tri and has been crossed on a few different girls with the same results…..AMAZING!  He is a heavy blue eyed producer, heavy liver red producer, and has been quite impressive for such a young gun.    It doesn’t seem to matter if he is bred to brown eyed girls or blue eyed.  The results are all the same.  Blue eyes.  And lots of them.  We need to run the percentages.  I am betting it will be close to 98%.  Watch for his full sister, Edge, to make her debut soon.