About Rez

Canyon Creek High Resolution  aka REZ

Standard Blue Merle Male


  • AKC registered
  • 21 inches
  • 70 pounds
  • HC  clear
  • DM  clear
  • PRCD/PRA clear
  • MDR1 clear
  • CD  clear
  • M Locus (merle)  A-typical Merle   m/M 260

M allele sizes between 247 – 264
bp have been associated with “atypical” or “diluted” coat colors/patterns;

This young gun has matured and is now officially one of our sires here at Canyon Creek.  He is a son of Edge x Scraps and we are loving how he is maturing.  We have bred him to Replay for his first litter and it is a fancy bunch of puppies with a couple of cool colored males in a red coat vs. his blue coat.  PS  stay tuned because he will be involved with more than one girl here this year…