About Rivet

Canyon Creek A Stitch In Time  “RIVET”

  • AKC registered
  • Black tri
  • Two blue eyes
  • 21 inches
  • 60 pounds
  • B Locus B/B

Many of you know the story of Rivet and know that she is a full sister and littermate to Drew, daughter of Dot x Shooter.  Rivet was reserved and scheduled to leave to her new home when at 6 weeks she became very ill overnight.  Many vet visits and many stitches closing swollen bumps that would erupt and drain infection of some kind.  Vets were puzzled and finally decided possibly she had been bitten by a spider.  She lived with me for many days on IV fluids and round the clock care.  Of course the sale was off and I became so attached with being her caregiver, that she no longer was for sale after she had completely healed.  We thank our friends at Richfield Vet for all of the care given to her.  Aptly named RIVET, in short for Richfield Veterinary Clinic and also because she literally was stitched/riveted together.  She is a big playful girl who is almost annoying at times with her demands to ride the four wheeler whenever it starts and wanting full attention centered on her.  She is the golden girl, or at least she thinks that.  LOL