About Saleen

Barn Stars Red River Saleen   “Saleen”

  • AKC registered
  • Red tri female
  • Two blue eyes
  • 21 inches
  • 60 pounds

Saleen was purchased as an adult a couple of months ago (at the time of this writing)  She has been easy to have here and adjusted quickly.  She is a big solid girl (built like a brick house)with an easy going disposition…..nothing rattles her.  She rarely barks and is just happy eating her food and patrolling the place.  She has never offered to leave or wander during the process of adjusting to her new environment and home and has really been a joy.   She was bred to an AKC  red bi male named Chase…pictures coming soon.  this will be an AKC  purebred litter.  She came to us pregnant and we didn’t know she was, so price of her pups this round are half of what we normally charge as we do not have the sire here and litter was not planned.