About Sexy


Standard Blue Merle Female

  • AKC Registered
  • One blue eye/1 partial blue & brown
  • 17 inches
  • 38 pounds
  • HC n/n
  • PRCD n/n
  • DM n/n
  • MDR1 n/n

Little Miss Sexy knows she is beautiful and rightfully so!  Unique markings, unique eyes… and she is a kind girl who would rather hang out with us than to be with the other dogs.  She is classy, full of personality, and is just a plain sexy little gal:)  Sometimes you get big surprises in little packages, and she is doing a wonderful job here at Canyon Creek.  Sure and steady and does a super job every time.  She has been Quick’s girl for a long time, but we decided to size things down a bit and bred her to MJ for January 2019 puppies…