About Shooter


Standard Black Tri Male

  • AKC registered
  • Two blue eyes
  • 21 inches
  • 55 pounds
  • HC normal  (clear)
  • CD  normal (clear)
  • MDR1 normal (clear)
  • PRCD normal (clear)
  • DM wt/m (carrier)

Shooter is just gorgeous!  He has a way about him and he knows he is a handsome boy.  He is marked beautifully and we have seen what he can produce and it has been more than impressive!   Take a look at Drew.  That is a nice nice girl sired by this guy and she is clear genetic panel across the board.  Another one is Rivet.  She moves beautifully and is another asset to our program.  He is our ‘go to’ boy when we have any problems getting the job done.  He has been known to take a girl right out of retirement and sire a fancy litter.   He will not be used alot in 2020 due to young prospects coming in the program and being given a chance to see what they can do.  However, we have plans to mate him with Drew again in an effort to produce some more females like Drew and Rivet.