About Katie x Cool Water

Katie and Cool Water puppies are planned for April 23.   This will be a first litter with Katie and Cool Water together.  Both dogs produce fantastic puppies.  Puppies will be around their size full grown.  Take home day for this litter will be an estimated for the third week in June. You can read more about Katie and Cool on thier profiles.  (we are tryign to fix his link for pictures, you can message us to get pictures text to you.   He is a BIG black tri , copper points, full collar, amber eyes)

There will not be any red puppies born into this litter because Katie is not red factored.  The pictures below are of Katie puppies.  and Past Cool Water puppies.



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A $500 NON- REFUNDABLE deposit is required to reserve a future puppy with Canyon Creek.  If the puppies in your reserved litter born do not meet your criteria or you are not able to choose a puppy, your deposit will be applied to a different litter of your choosing.  Puppy choices are determined by your place in line.  You do have the choice to be notified of ALL available puppies and not just a particular color or sex,  although you may not have first choice in a specific litter. You can place a deposit for this litter BUT if she is not prego for sure you will be in line for the next litter.  Once she in confirmed expecting we will begin adding families this waitlist. 

We will only accept 5  deposits on the litter.  


Once a litter is born you will be notified within a few days time of available puppies.  You will then pay the additional $300 to reserve a particular pup. This must be done when the litter is born.  You will have now met the total  $1,000 deposit.  If there is not a puppy born that you want to reserve we will move your $700 deposit to a different litter.   We will not hold puppies until eye color is determined.   The balance due on your puppy will be due @ 7 weeks old.  

We will not ship a puppy without being paid in full.   The $1,000 deposit will be NON-REFUNDABLE .   No exceptions.  We have had people who call the week/night before the puppy is supposed to leave and offer their reason why they can no longer take the puppy.  That is too late to expect your deposit be transferred.  By then we have made travel arrangements and turned down additional buyers multiple times on that puppy.  Our time is valuable, as well as yours, and at 8 weeks old these puppies need to start bonding to their new families instead of back to trying to find a new home.


All puppies are ready for their new home at 8 weeks old.  Please through our FAQ page for much more information on pick up/delivery and what is included with your puppy.


*Please note we will not accept any deposit until you have gone through our process of making sure that an aussie is a good fit for you and your family.  We want to talk to you!  If you are already a CC or aussie owner, that is fantastic news! We can’t wait to help you find another wiggle butt!

Full registration is NOT available

This litter will be priced from $2,500 – $ 3,500

Katie x Cool Water's Gallery

Cool Water (dad)

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Katie (mom)

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