About Katie X Ryder

DETAILS COMING SOON.  First time litter for Katie and Ryder.  There will not be any past puppy pictures.  Both dogs come from a great line of smart, loving, playful aussies! They will be a great pair!

Coat colors possible will be blue merle and black tri. NO REDS

This litter is PLANNED not guaranteed  yet.

Take home day for this litter will be estimated in  May


  1. Breeder hold
  2. Roberts- blue merle female
  3. merle open
  4. tri open
  5. tri open
  6. tri open


A $300 NON REFUNDABLE deposit is required to reserve a future puppy with Canyon Creek.  If the puppies in the litter born do not meet your criteria or you are not able to choose a puppy in reserved litter, your deposit will be applied to a different litter of your choosing.  Puppy choices are determined by your place in line.

We will only accept 5 deposits on mini litters and 7 deposits for standard litters.

What happens once a litter is born?

Once a litter is born you will be notified with a a few days time of the available puppies. You will then pay an additional $700 deposit to reserve your puppy in the litter.   This additional deposit will be required to be paid within two weeks of the litter being born.   You are more than welcome to  move your initial $300 deposit to a different litter. After two weeks we will off the puppy to a different family/add pup available pups on the website.

You do have the choice to be notified of ALL available puppies and not just a particular,  although you may not have first choice of a litter.

Once you commit to a said puppy  this brings your deposit amount to $1,000.  You can then pay your balance at the time. All balances will be due before the puppy leaves Canyon Creek.  If we have agreed on a cash payment @ pickup we do offer a 5% discount.  But be advised if you back out on taking your puppy AFTER 5 weeks of age, the $1000 deposit will be NONREFUNDABLE.


All puppies are ready for their new home at 8 weeks old.  Please through our FAQ page for much more information on pick up/delivery, and what is included with your puppy.

ADDITIONAL INFO 801-602-9365

*please note we will not accept any deposit until have gone through our process of making sure the Aussie is a good fit for you and your family. If you are  already a CC or aussie owner, that is fantastic news! We can’t wait to help you find another wiggle butt!

*Breeders please contact us directly on the number listed on our website.  Full Registration will be an additional cost and if you do not have an established/reputable program we will be asking for additional information.

How much does a puppy cost?

All puppies from Canyon Creek are $2,000 –  $4,000.  Pricing is difference is due to coat color, litters and demand.

Katie X Ryder's Gallery

Ryder (dad)

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Katie (mom)

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