Our story began years ago with a deep love for animals and farm life. I was raised on a family farm with sheep and cattle as the main family income and I was involved daily with the family farm and livestock

I took turns helping herd sheep, staying on the mountain ranges with my dad for weeks at a time, helping harvest the hay and grain, and also gathering cattle from pastures and summer ranges.

Six brothers and three sisters helped round out the farm help to 10 and we were raised to take care of the animals before we took care of ourselves.

My dad’s motto was “If you take care of your animals, they will take care of you” That was intended not only for the cattle and sheep, but also the pigs, chickens, horses, cats and our dogs.

We were taught at the beginning that animals were fed and watered before we sat down to the dinner table.

Dogs helped with our sheep and cattle day to day operations and were always a kid’s best friend. Especially when a girl had 4 older brothers and needed some encouragement after daily teasing and tormenting from those boys.

The saying, “A dog is the only living creature that will love you more than it loves itself” is true! Does a dog ever have a bad day? Not that I have ever seen.

Australian Shepherd breeder in UtahThat love for animals remained constant for me and as we all left home. One by one my siblings all headed to college and got their professional degrees and I headed south to another farm and ranch where I was married and raised some kids, quarter horses and holstein calves.

Eventually, I was able to purchase some beautiful Australian Shepherd pups and began embarking on a quest to produce dogs with great confirmation, bone and temperaments.

It was very exciting for me when my daughter became part of the dream and begin helping with the day to day activities involved with the dogs and managing the social media aspect.

AKC Australian Shepherd Breeder

Angela Severe is second generation Canyon Creek and we are hoping that her daughters will become the third generation. So far, it looks like they are taking a liking to it.

They love playing with all the new puppies on our puppy playground. It is very fun and very fulfilling when it’s family-oriented and it seems like the dinner table talk is all dogs nowadays!

Nestled in the mountains of central Utah on an 60 acre ranch, we sure enjoy the warm days and cool nights in the summer along with the peace and tranquility that comes living in such an amazing place.

Australian Shepherds are very loving and full of energy. And that’s one thing they’ll never run out of… space. They can run for days. We have a little 4 wheeler trail we like to take the dogs on if they really need to get out and stretch the legs.

One of my favorite things to do here is watch the sun come up every morning. It’s absolutely breathtaking and I have to believe the Aussies love it too.

Come join us! Be part of this dream and part of our Canyon Creek family and friends!

We are doing what we love and doing it together just makes it that much better! Canyon Creek Aussies is definitely a family affair!

We take great pride in producing Australian Shepherds that will become a part of your life and your family.

A few more pictures of our crew here at Canyon Creek!

Canyon Creek Aussies