Peach x Willie

Planned June

Gidget x Fonz

Due June 21 – Mini

Mae x Whiskey

Planned July

Charlotte x Dinero

Planned July

Teaspoon x Shawty

Planned July – Mini

Dezzi x Link

4 available

Winnie x Ryder

2 available

Bombshell x Whiskey

3 available

UPDATE- MAY 15 PUPPIES ARE HERE!  Puppies will be marked as available once our reservation list has made their choices. Puppies are listed on home page and will be ready for new homes mid July.

Blitz – SOLD
Fuse- BTF
Missle- SOLD
Flash- SOLD
Dynamite- SOLD
Torpedo- SOLD
Rocket- RTM
Ammo- RTM



A $500 NON- REFUNDABLE deposit is required to reserve a  puppy with Canyon Creek.  At 5  weeks old an additional $500 will placed.  Any puppy older than 5  weeks, there will be a $1000 deposit required.   All deposits are NON- Refundable.  Balance will be due before we leave Canyon Creek.  We are open to a  cash payment in person as well  @ pick up.


All puppies are ready for their new home at 8 weeks old.  Please through our FAQ page for much more information on pick up/delivery and what is included with your puppy. We send puppies all over the USA.  It’s easy and ew handle the process for you.  Also keep in mid we do travel to Las Vegas and Salt Lake City with all litters.


*Please note we will not accept any deposit until you have gone through our process of making sure that an aussie is a good fit for you and your family.  We want to talk to you and get to know you.  If you are already a CC or aussie owner, that is fantastic news! We can’t wait to help you find another wiggle butt!

Full registration is an additional cost and if you do not have an established/reputable program we will be asking for additional information.  If you want to have a litter because your kids want to see baby puppies, DO NOT  ASK.  It is rare for us to offer breeding rights.  If you are a breeder please contact us directly on the number listed on our website.

Please call or text Angie @ 801-602-9365 for more information.