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We raise mini and standard AKC registered Australian Shepherds

Are your Australian Shepherds registered?
 They are registered with the American Kennel Club AKC and some of them 
 American Stock Dog Registry.  ASDR
How are big are standard (full-size) Aussies full grown? 
Standards are 18-23″ tall to top  of the shoulder and weigh 40-65 lbs.
How big are mini Aussies full grown? 
Mini’s are 13-18″ to the top of the shoulder and can weigh 20-40 lbs.
Am I a good fit for an Aussie?
We will only place our puppies with qualified Aussie owners. Australian Shepherds are not for everyone. Aussies require more activity and attention than your typical house dog. They need an active lifestyle and hours of your attention every day. Raising a happy, healthy and well behaved Aussie is a big commitment and should be taken seriously.Dogs that end up in pounds, shelters, & rescue are there because of irresponsible breeding and pet ownership. We  are here to help facilitate in responsible pet ownership and strive to be a responsible breeder when placing puppies. Please only consider buying an Aussie if you plan to make the dog an active family-member in your daily life.We pride ourselves on finding loving homes for our dogs, we have many repeat buyers coming back for their next Aussie from us.Please feel free to ask us any question about the breed if you are new to Aussie ownership.
Where is your ranch located?
We are located in Central, Utah on 60 beautiful acres. 
How do I get a puppy from you if I am not in Utah? 
We have wonderful families that have adopted puppies from us all over the USA.  Also including  Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico and as far as South Korea! No we DO NOT SHIP them on a plane in cargo holds.  We have  amazing nannies  that can fly with your puppy right to your airport.   You can also fly to us and we will meet you @ Salt Lake City International or in Las Vegas @ Harry Reid International!   There are a few other options and you can meet us by car in Las Vegas or Salt Lake City.  We do not charge to meet you there.  The inflight puppy nanny is an EXTRA FEE and we can get you a quote.
What are your prices?
All of our puppies are $1,800 -$3,500  
Are your puppies papered? If so, can I paper my puppy? 
Yes, all of our dogs are papered as AKC  or ASDR Australian Shepherds.  
I don’t care about a papered  puppy, can I get a discount?
At the end of the day each puppy, papered or not, still takes the same amount of time, money, attention as the next puppy.   A responsible breeder who cares about the breed has spent a great deal of money, time, research and so much more to be a responsible breeder and raise healthy, happy dogs. Each litter is planned out and carefully considered. 
Do I need to make a deposit to reserve an available puppy or get on a reservation list?
FUTURE PUPPY- The deposit is $500 to reserve a puppy in a litter.  This deposit will be non-refundable and will be applied towards your puppy.
Your $500 deposit is good for ANY puppy, ANY litter, at ANY time.  We just ask you to choose a litter that might be the best fit for what you are looking for.  We can help you in this process.
Once a puppy is born to the litter you reserved, you may make your decision on what puppy you want.  
AVAILABLE PUPPY- We require a $500 non refundable deposit on any puppy marked as available.    This deposit will be applied to the price of the puppy.  Final payment is paid before delivery.  We do accept cash and will take a cash payment on delivery in person.
  The deposits will not be transferred to a different puppy after 4 week old.  No exceptions.  We have had people who call the night/week before the puppy is supposed to leave and offer their reason why they can no longer take the puppy.  That is too late to expect your deposit be transferred.  By then we have made travel arrangements and turned down additional buyers multiple times on that puppy.  Our time is valuable, as well as yours, and at 8 weeks old these puppies need to start bonding to their new families.
Can I see the reservation list for planned litters and how do I apply?
Yes, please begin by reading through all the FAQ. We thank you for doing so.  Then visit our PLANNED LITTERS PAGE.  This page is kept up to date at all times.  There you will read the reservation list process agin and see the availability in each litter.  After you have thought about what litter/litters you prefer please leave us an email on the contact page, text or call Angie.  We look forward to getting to know all possible future families! 
If I want to add my name to your reservation list, what are the next steps?
Please call, email or text us and we will go over more details with you, find out what you are looking for exactly and you then can decide if we are a good fit for you as a breeder and you are a good fit for one of our puppies. 
What forms of payment are accepted for available  puppies/deposits 
We prefer Cash,Venmo, Zelle  and ApplePay. We also can take Credit/Debit Card paid by  Square invoicing. There will be a 3% processing fee added if using Credit/debit card.
Do you offer payment plans?
We offer one 3rd party option. We recommend using Paypal Credit. Pay it off with monthly payments that fit your budget. Starting at 0%. Apply for Paypal credit.
Can we visit Canyon Creek to meet/choose a puppy or come and visit our puppy we have already purchased?
We do no allow in person visits at this time.  We will have puppies that are not fully vaccinated and can easily get Parvo by individuals not even aware they may be carrying it..   
When is my puppy ready to come home?
Your puppy is ready for their new homes at 8 weeks old.
Are the puppies vaccinated when I pick them up?
Yes, when puppies are ready to go home @ 8 weeks old they will be up to date on age appropriate vaccines and medications.  They will have had two puppy shots and will need two more.  One at 12 weeks old and one at 16 week sold. Then a booster at age one.
How do I pick up my puppy when they are 8 weeks old?
You have 3 options:
1. You can come here to pick up your puppy at Canyon Creek.
2. You can fly in to Salt Lake City or Las Vegas airports and we will meet you curbside and puppy will fly in cabin home with you. (*ask for more details, no fee)
3.We will drive to SLC area and/or Las Vegas to meet you for a pick up to drive them home.  (no fee)
4. We do have inflight puppy nannies that will fly with your  puppy in cabin to your airport.
Do your puppies have a health guarantee, what does that mean?
Yes. We offer a 12 month health guarantee. It means we guarantee your puppy to be free of genetic defects
The puppy will have received it’s 8 week vaccinations and worming. You will be responsible for their 12 week and 16 week vaccinations which will include a rabies vaccination. Your puppy will also need a 12 month booster.
Your puppy comes with a Puppy Starter Kit, what is that?
Your puppy starter kit includes:
– A health certificate signed by our vet stating that your puppy is healthy and up-to-date on all vaccines including deworming medications.
– A past and future vaccination and medication schedule for your vet
– Their puppy blanket and favorite toy that smells like home
– A Canyon Creek puppy harness and leash
– Puppy food for 5 days
– AKC registration and information from AKC
– You will be sent to our welcome page on our website with much more information on how to prepare for your new puppy and what we recommend you get in preparation for their arrival!
Do you offer any training or recommend trainers? 
Yes, we recently partnered with some amazing trainers at Baxter & Bella.  They offer an amazing online puppy school and you will have one on one access to some experts in the field! Visit their website to learn more and you will be sent a discount code of 25% for their lifetime membership! We also highly recommend you and your puppy attend a puppy school if this is your first Aussie once they are old enough.
Can I breed my puppy when they are older?
We do not offer full registration at this time and you will be under contract to spay/neuter your dog.  
Do you dock the tails or are they naturally bobbed?
Yes. If they are not a natural bobtail (NBT), we have our vet dock tails at 2-3 days old. If you prefer that the tail of your puppy not be docked, you are required to pay for your puppy in full prior to them going to the vet and notify us upon deposit that you would like to keep their tail.
Do any of your dogs have testing done? If so, what?
Yes, all of our dogs are full panel health tested and you can see their results listed under each adult dog. We also do OFA hips/elbows 
These are the most commonly asked questions.  If you have more PLEASE feel free to contact us @ 801-602-9365