About Annie

Color Country’s Annie Get Your Gun @ CC  “Annie”

  • ASDR registered
  • Blue merle female
  • One blue eye
  • 14 inches
  • 18 pounds
  • Beautiful hair coat and markings….we love her deep copper points!
  • B LOCUS  B/b

Annie is a tiny little thing with generations of mini’s and toys in her pedigree.  For those of you who have been wanting SMALL, this is it. She has been bred to Milo for litter due the first part of August.  We are excited watching her belly grow and to see what these two exceptional little dogs produce.  They both have deep beautiful copper points and just some beautiful LITTLE dogs.  Annie was quick to adjust to her new home with us and is so small we just tuck her under our arm when it’s grooming time or picture time.  It doesn’t take much muscle to move her around.  She is still trying to learn to like the golf cart.  She isn’t sure about that but now she is so pregnant we have put that on hold.  Stay tuned!  She is a happy little girl that learned the dog doors quickly and is now in the nursery getting watched 24-7

UPDATE!!!!     PUPPIES ARE HERE!  Watch for pictures this week!