About Dinero

Canyon Creek Show Me The M
oney  ‘DINERO’

Standard Red Tri Male

  • AKC registered
  • Two blue eyes
  • 22 inches
  • 60 pounds
    B Locus b/b

Dinero, formerly known as Cider, in the Fall litter of Jezzy x Willie, has been growing up here for a couple of years and is ready to be part of our breeding program.  He is a big boy with great bone and a big blocky head like his daddy.  He likes to run and is pretty fast for his size.  We introduced him to Miss Priss (his first time ever to be around a female in heat) and he took care of things like a seasoned veteran!  Oh it was a proud mama moment…believe me..those first timers sometimes don’t ‘get it’ for awhile.  He got his reward of sardines in oil, which really isn’t that big of a reward because he gets it a few times a week.  That red hair coat has a way of sunburning and bleaching, so he’s been getting royal treatment to try to correct it and get it back to it’s normal liver red.

His first litter has arrived with Miss Priss  and they are fabulous!!