About Kilo

Color Country’s Small Dose @ CC  “Kilo”

  • Blue merle male
  • Miniature Australian Shepherd
  • ASDR registered
  • 14 1/2 inches
  • 19 pounds
  • B LOCUS B/b

We are downsizing our program and will be offering Kilo to a breeding home.  He will be three years old in June.  DOB  June 4, 2021.   He is an aggressive breeder but did not have alot done with him when we bought him.  He doesn’t have a mean bone in him and would work well on a program for smaller dogs.  We have had a hard time finding tri females for him and in the meantime decided to switch gears a little and just stay with the merle females and not purchase the tri females.  Which equates to we don’t have a job for him.

Kilo is priced at $3,000 full registration only.


Named appropriately for his size, Kilo may be small but he has a big job ahead of him.  We purchased him to help size down puppies from our mini girls and boy did he do it!   He sired puppies with Bombshell and talk about cute!  They are small and gorgeous!  He is a tiny little feller but nobody told him that.  He is excited to try to breed girls who he can in no way reach without some help but he sure gives it all he has.  We are looking for some small mini’s to be his ‘girls’ so we are excited for that.  He is the keeper of the yard (not even the cats walking by will escape his watchful eye)  He loves a bath and he especially loves Joe.  He has a great demeanor and is such a good little guy to have around.  He has proven to us if given the chance he could be an agility star!  And his deep copper is just the bonus. No washed out copper here folks!