About Lil’ Faith

Color Country’s Keepin’ the Faith @ CC   “ Lil Faith”

  • ASDR registered
  • Blue merle female
  • two blue eyes
  • 13 inches
  • 16 pounds
  • Beautiful hair coat and markings….we love her deep copper points!
  • B LOCUS  B/b

This little gal is the cutest thing you have ever seen! She sports a full white collar, is red factored, one blue eye and a partial blue eye.  She is the smallest of our mini mamas.    She looks like a tiny Katie minus the collar.  She is the boss of the mini females and they know that Miss Spitfire is in charge and they let her be.  We have bred her to Milo the first week of January, for a March litter.  Stay tuned because this will be one fun little cross for those of you wanting small.  She is confirmed pregnant and due the first week of March.  We expect all colors as both her and Milo are red factored.  These should be some very very small babies.