About Nellie


  • AKC registered
  • Blue merle female
  • 2 blue eyes
  • 21 inches
  • 55 pounds
  • OFA HIPS Fair – ELBOWS Normal
  • B Locus-B/b
  • M Locus m/M 268

NELLIE!  She’s big and beautiful and just has a presence about her!  She knows she is regal and she is a queen.   She enjoyed many miles down a farm dirt road in the golf cart when she was being leash trained.  She always looked forward to stopping and meeting the folks along the way, especially Toni at the city dump. She has been growing side by side with her full sister Suzy Q and now the testing is complete and the time is for Nellie to come onboard as one of the CC mama’s.  She has been bred to Cool Water, for what we expect to be some fantastic puppies!  A little bonus is they both are red factored so all colors expected.  They will be little Christmas presents to CC.  Because these puppies truly are a gift.  And these mama’s.  And finally….you know how our dogs love whelping on a holiday?  We expect this to be no different.  I guarantee it will be during a holiday dinner with all of the family gathered.  Been there…done that before.  LOL  Right about the time the crab legs were going in to steam, puppies were coming out.  Thanksgiving.  Christmas.  Birthdays.  It never fails.  Either way it lands, we are beyond excited that she is pregnant !