About Suzy Q


  • AKC registered
  • Black tri female
  • Amber eyes
  • 21 inches
  • 50 pounds
  • OFA HIPS Good– ELBOWS Normal
  • B Locus  B/b
  • M Locus m/m  non merle

SUZY Q!  Have you ever owned a dog that no matter how many times a day you see her, you have to stop and look again because she is so beautiful?  Every day.  Every time I look at her she give me pause and I do a double take.  She is big and beautiful and she just demands attention with her look.  She has been growing and rough housing with her buddies here and testing is complete so we are excited when she decides it’s time to become a mama.  It’s like watching a pot boil.  In the meantime, she loves golf cart rides and tearing up the turf with her buddies Twitter and Nellie.  She can play hard for awhile, then catch a quick rest and go at it again.  I named her Suzy Q because I love those treats called suzy q’s.  And I loved her at first sight.