About Twitter


  • AKC registered
  • Blue merle female
  • Two blue eyes
  • 21 inches
  • 50 pounds
  • OFA HIPS Good– ELBOWS Normal
  • Yes folks, she’s red factored!


TWITTER!  If there was ever a laid back dog on the face of this planet, it’s Twitter.  From day 1 she has been the perfect angel dog.  She loves everybody and really loves snacks.  She is happy on a slow jog or laying in the sun working on her tan.  She is happy to play with the other dogs, and when the playing gets too intense, she will find a spot and lay down and watch them rough housing.  It is funny to watch but that’s just who she is.  She is a Whiskey daughter x Smarty Pants and has a red tri sister here growing up as well.  With the same laid back disposition.  Twitter has been bred to Ryder for basically what will be Christmas Day delivery I am sure.  Planned?  Yes, we planned on breeding her.  To be due on Christmas Day?  No.  But these gals cycle when they cycle so that’s how it goes.  The mating was successful and there are puppies growing!   All colors will be expected because she is red factored.  I am guessing the blue eyes will be plentiful.  Ryder hits those pretty hard and this gal has some intense blue eyes herself.  Watch for puppies before Christmas!