About Willie

Circle M Red Headed Stranger  ‘WILLIE’

Standard Red Merle Male

  • AKC registered
  • One blue eye
  • 21 inches
  • 60 pounds
  • B Locus B/b  or b/b RED FACTORED

Willie is a beautifully colored red merle with different shades of red and copper that makes his look unique and quite striking.  He has a big hair coat which makes him look bigger than he really is.  We are excited to see the rich colors he is putting on his puppies, and love his gentle nature that he passes on to them! Willie loves everyone and is just a big teddy bear!    His puppies are proving to have excellent temperaments and bone and have been a big hit with our friends buying his puppies.  We love Willie!  Love love him.  I don’t think I can even say it enough. But with that being said, the time is getting close to retire the big fella.  We will have a few select females we would like to get a Willie pup from….Thelma being at the top of that list.  You know Willie refuses to breed Candee.  We can’t figure out why, but he does not like her.   Edge was his girl, but she has been spayed and is now living in Hurricane with a nice fella and his grandson.  We hope Willie will be cooperative and give us a few more litters and then he has a retirement home waiting with my brother.  Gosh it’s hard to have these fabulous dogs get older and be finished.  He is some kind of special…..truly he is.