Black Tri Australian Shepherd

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Black Tri Australian Shepherd

The Black Tri Australian Shepherd is one of our favorites. The Australian Shepherd breed has been around for a long long time. They are a working breed. Many farmers and ranchers have loved these dogs because of their well-mannered behavior, loyalty, and ability to work animals like cattle, sheep, and goats.

Their long coats give them insulation in some of the harshest climates both in the summer and winter months. This was a huge advantage for ranchers who have to gather cows in the late fall months when temperatures would drop and well into the cold winter months when calving season began.

They have also become extremely popular among individuals and families because they are such good household pets. We have Canyon Creek owners all over the world, from all different walks of life. Whether it’s hiking the mountains or driving cross country, working cattle or just playing with the kids, Aussie’s are the perfect breed for adventure and family.

Black Tri Aussies Coat

black tri australian shepherdThe Black Tri Aussie has a very unique coat color and can be spotted almost anywhere. Their coats are mostly black with white highlights on their faces, legs, and chest. They also have a brown copper color mixed in with the white on their faces, cheeks, and legs. Black Tri Aussies have a very beautiful coat color. Their coats can be long hair or short hair depending on their genetics, however, most Aussies tend to have longer hair. With some, their hair can even curl just a bit which is also a unique feature.

Aussie’s do shed hair, surprisingly though, they don’t shed as much as one might think. The reason for this is because their hair serves as an insulation in both the summer and winter months. They are what they call double-coated, so yes they will lose some of their hair, but they won’t lose it all. In fact, they actually need it. We’ve heard stories of pet owners shaving their Aussie’s coat in the summer because they felt like they were too hot. This is a big No-No! Do not ever shave your Aussies coat. It does more harm than good.

One of the reasons so many people love the Black Tri Australian Shepherd is because they can be wonderful house pets. Although the Aussie breed is known as a “working” breed, they can also be bred to be more non-working. The working Aussie is generally a “high-drive” dog. This means they are always on the go and have tons of energy because they have the desire or drive to work. So they are constantly on the move.

australian shepherd black triWhile these high-drive Aussies can be good pets, we breed for the “lower-drive” Aussies as pets because they are calmer and don’t have the urge to constantly be looking for something to do. However, this doesn’t mean they sit around the house all day either. Even the lower-drive Aussies have to get out and stretch their legs once in a while. That’s just the nature of the breed. By breeding for the “lower drive”, they are the perfect balance for someone who likes to get outside and go on hikes or walks and then come home and relax.

So many of our black-tri puppy owners have shared with us how much they love their furry friends because of their temperaments and love for their families. They love being around kids too. In a sense, they become one of their kids. They are extremely smart, well-behaved, and love to learn. They are easy to potty train and very loyal. They become lifelong friends.

How Big Do Australian Shepherds Get?

The black tri Aussie can be a standard size or a mini size. The standard size usually weighs between 40-60 pounds with a height of 18-23 inches. A black tri mini Aussie usually weighs between 20-40 pounds and stands 13-18 inches. The size of the parents will generally determine how big your puppy gets. We can pretty much guess, for the most part, how big your puppy will get within a few pounds. There is not really an advantage or disadvantage of having a mini or standard, it’s really the preference of the pet owner.

black tri australian shepherd miniThe Australian Shepherd generally lives to be anywhere from 13-16 yrs old. As long as they are well taken care of. This means making sure they get plenty of exercise, they are well-groomed and fed properly. Doing so will give them the best chance of living a long, happy life.

One question we get a lot as a breeder is about their tails. Generally speaking, when the Australian Shepherd was introduced here in America, they were a working dog. So ranchers would dock their tails because they didn’t want their tails getting in the way or spreading disease. So it was just easier for them to cut their tails off when they were little to eliminate the potential hazards as they grew up. So this has been a common standard with the breed to dock their tails. In fact, some puppies are born naturally with a bobbed tail.

Anymore, because the breed is used for more than just a working dog, we give owners the option to keep their tails. We dock tails when the puppies are only a few days old. Owners who choose to keep the tail can do so by letting us know ahead of time and we will keep it.

If you have any questions about any of these beautiful Black Tri Aussies, send us a email or send us a text and we can help answer any questions you might have.

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